Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feminine Beauty with Masculine Energy

As much as I love being a girl too I love playing with the masculine feminine. All of my heroines have been beautiful strong women throughout my life. 

All the women I loved growing up have been Amazons like Wonder Woman, Isis & The Bionic Woman 

Then I got older and there was Pam Grier, the ultimate kick ass Black Beauty 

Then came the ruthless power bitches in smart suits that would bring people to their knees while looking stunning doing so , Alexis Colby Carrigton and Dominique Deveraux 

There were so many more as I was growing up and so many more still today. Beautiful women who assert masculine energy is the ultimate turn on for me. 

I have always loved women who assert masculine power that is so fucking sexy I dreamed of being one of these women while all the other girls wanted to be the girl next door.

That's what I love about being a Femme Domme 

Being the ultimate beauty to be desired while at the same time being the ultimate entity to be feared 

Femme Domme's are the perfect balance of male and female energy